Welcome to SysML v2 Club Community! We are a group of systems engineering professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to lifelong learning and professional development. Our community provides a platform for members to access cutting-edge systems engineering content, resources and exclusive online courses in SysML v2, which is a graphical modeling language for systems engineering and systems architecture. Join now and be part of a dynamic community of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to advancing their systems engineering knowledge and skills.

Learn the SysML v2 language and be in continuous contact with experts to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Club membership includes:

  • 2 live sessions per month on selected SysML v2 – topics and the possibility to ask questions directly to the experts.
  • Access to the SysML v2 Club community. Here you can ask questions and share your experiences at any time. You can get feedback from other club members or the hosts. An answer to your questions is guaranteed.
  • Access to a microlearning course to learn SysML v2